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Krea Touch

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A Perfect Office Machine

The Necta Krea Touch is the ideal solution for your coffee break with the wide touch screen and user-friendly interface allowing a number of customised drink selections.

  • Grind on demand fresh beans
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Granulated Air-Dried Powered Milk
  • Capacity per hour - 120/150 espresso
  • Display: 7” user friendly HD touch screen
  • Appealing design, decorative light, chrome frames, shiny black surface
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Dimensions (mm): 410W x 750H x 574D
  • Plumbed water supply /10amp power


Necta Krea Touch office coffee machine
Necta Kalea workplace coffee machine


Necta Krea Logo

The ultimate way of offering the authentic coffee experience

Get used to being able to offer a delicious menu of coffee drinks, all of them perfectly made from the authentic Italian espresso to a frothy cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate and more.

  • Wide touch screen and user-friendly interface
  • Customise a number of drinks to select
  • Grind on demand fresh beans
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Fresh milk
  • Capacity per hour - 120/150 espresso
  • Display: 7” user friendly HD touch screen
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Dimensions (mm): 360W x 780H x 600D
  • Plumbed water supply /10amp power


Cafina XT6

Melitta logo

The Cafina®xt6 is suitable for Hotels, Small to Medium Restaurants

The Cafina® XT6 is suitable for small to medium venues. The coffee machine is used to the rush of self-serve guests all at the same time and really comes into its own thanks to the reliability, rapid service and clear operation concept.

  • Ideal for small to medium cafès, bakeries, canteens, hotels, hotel breakfast buffets, restaurants and company canteens.
  • Grind on demand fresh bean-to-cup
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Fresh milk
  • Capacity per hour - 170 espresso
  • Integrated steam wand and hot water
  • Display: large user-friendly 7” HD touch screen
  • Automatic and easy cleaning
  • Dimensions (mm): 300W x 715H x 580D
  • Plumbed water supply /15amp power


Melitta Cafina XT6 workplace coffee machine
Eversys Cameo C’2 coffee machine for large office

Cameo C’2

eversys logo - Swiss espresso systems

True Espresso at a Touch

The Eversys Cameo C’2 brings together the most advanced coffee machine technologies and authentic styles to create an all-round incredible coffee experience.

Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious.

  • Modern design with Touch screen
  • Ceramic grinding blades and 24gr Brewing chamber
  • Electronic tamping
  • Dedicated coffee boilers, separate from the water/steam
  • Provides productivity and temperature stability
  • Brewing: Reverse gravity extraction vertical infusion optimises efficiency
  • Milk is frothed in the one-step system, e’Foam, with Micro Air Dosing (MAD)
  • Capacity per hour: 175 espresso


BW3 with Fridge

Thermoplan logo - Swiss quality coffee equipment

Keeping It Cool with the BW3

The Black & White 3 CTM with fridge offers world class milk foaming technology, combing impressive product versatility, ease-of-use, high volume output, and quality components.

  • Modular stainless-steel design
  • The Wendel Cool milk system prepares unique milk froth
  • Durable aluminium grinder with ceramic burrs
  • Touch technology 7” LED screen
  • Energy saving technology reduces operating costs
  • Easy cleaning
  • Power: machine requires 1 x 15amp plug socket.
  • Water: Requires 15mm cold water feed with isolated stop valve


Thermoplan BW3 with Fridge coffee machine
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